Earn the distinction of adding Certified Professional Horticulturist to your qualifications by preparing for and passing West Virginia Nursery & Landscaping Association’s CPH exam. A CPH designation indicates that the holder is a trained horticulture professional with demonstrable knowledge of the industry. He or she is qualified to offer sound scientific horticultural advice on a variety of industry-related subjects.

The next exam will be given on Feb. 10 at the Embassy Suites in Charleston. WVNLA members may order a CPH manual for $60. The cost for non-WVNLA members is $100. This informative resource is an excellent study tool. Cost to take the exam is $25.

An online version of the CPH manual is also for WVNLA members. Members may access this version by emailing  to receive an access code.

Topics covered include plant nomenclature, trees & shrubs, lawn establishment and maintenance, interior and bedding plants, fertilizers, composting, insect, weed and disease control as well as landscape contracting and management, and regulations. 

In addition to achieving a passing score on the exam, applicants must meet education and experience requirements as stipulated at the bottom of the CPH Application.

To order a manual, Contact Us or call 304-553-1234.  To register, print and fill out the CPH Application and mail to the address noted on it, or register online (below).   

Apply for certification


Allan Belcher

Dwaine Jones

Robert Joseph

Daniel Lipps

Lisa McDavid

Hannah McDonald

Bill McLaughlin

Farris Mallo

Michael Morton

Julius Suter

Joshua Webster


Jesse Beavers

Michael Brown

Dakota Gill

D. Lee Glaspell

Emily Harris

Derreck Hatfield

Argie Jeffers

Michael Johns

Timothy Johns

Shawn Lester

LaDares Lilly

Earl Moore

Eric Nelson

John Watson

Robert Wiltse

Mark Yost


Zach Crede

Holly Fandey

Steven Hawkins

Gregory Howell


John Doolittle

Aaron Stull


Eamon Barker

Matthew Ware

Jason Young

Certified Professional Horticulturists

Ruffner Woody      
Michael Bartholomew
Michael Dick
Dee Fournier
Dean Myles      
Michael Bombly
Michael Osborne
Donna Rumbaugh
Christopher Hartsock      
Matthew Davis      
Todd B. Anderson
Janie K. Carpenter
Bill Licliter
Seth Pratt
David Hill      
Lorie Bowen
Jason Lipot
Bettie E. Dempsey      

Larry Gouer
A. Janie Hatfield
G. Lynn Jennings
Jason Lingenfelter

Deborah Meadows
Larry L. Ohrn
Carrie Parker
Steve Ritter

Aubry Wilson


Margaret R. Grose
Andrew Hilling
Rudy Horst
Chuck Kinsley

Chad Manko
Carol McCarthy
Alex Personius
Eddie R. Thompson


Michael S. Book
Joyce McKenney
Brenda Runions
Kelly Russell

Betsey Sorrell
Roger Wood


 Torula Chanlett
Chris Chanlett
John Shane Holstein
Edward S. Mason

Eric Michael


Brian Beckett
Patrick Biafore
John D. Chidester
Rick E. Cutlip

Richard Cutlip
Tracy Cutlip
Elaine Flaxer
Aaron Helmick

Benjamin A. Markell
Donna Myles
Daniel J. Noble
Rayburn Perry

Mark Springer

Chris Tatham
Bradley A. Teets
Barbara Wilcox